September 24, 2011

What We Do


As Owner’s Representatives,  AnchorPointe partners with churches to provide comprehensive management and coordination of all construction project activities.

Our primary goal is to ensure that each member of the owner’s team of specialists collaborates in a manner that serves the churches vision for their facility whether building a new Worship Center, Children’s Building, Gymnasium, Office Complex, Remodel or Addition.  We monitor and coordinate the efforts of all members of the project team, enabling the church to achieve maximum value for each dollar expended.  We realize that the dollars given to church projects is very often given out of sacrifice and love of God’s work.

“We never forget the stewardship responsibility of our task.”

AnchorPointe applies leadership skills to plan and direct the project team toward success. And, our proactive approach encourages architects, designers, contractors and vendors to work together to achieve the churches quality, cost and schedule objectives for the vision of the project. We strive for positive working relationships from a Biblical perspective among the project team members, facilitating timely resolution of the problems and conflicts that are common in the design and construction process.